From: "Robert A. Pease" <...>

To: "Joe Sousa" <...>

Subject: It was a very good year!  


 Note  to Joe  S.:


There  were a lot of  Projects  started at  Philbrick in 1961.   The 6104  was  one of the first.  The 6141  was the P65;  the 6151 was the P75.   The 6156  became the SP-656.   I think what we did was,  keep that log-book of  projects  running  for 2 or 3  years. I never  saw  a project name of  62xx or 63yy.   We just  went hog-wild and kept inventing things  under the 61zz  files.

The 6009  was a manifold  from a  previous year.   The P2 was a 19-60  

project. Can't recall the number. 

What was the old  PR-150?  Was  that a 6033? All sorts of  Crazy bootleg  stuff.   I worked a little on some  crazy stuff,  but  can't recall all the project numbers.  /  rap