From: Achim Dassow

To: Joe Sousa 

Subject: Still.... unknown material 

Dear Joe,


Here again are two applications using GAP products.

Although the Amplifier shown within the "Current-Dependent Voltage Source" is not a GAP Opamp, it makes use of a K2-P stabilizer.

Of particular interest could be the shown feedback arrangement which decouples the feedback source from the Pentode load.

The Book title: "Direct Analog Computers", by Victor Paschkis (responsible for Heat and Mass Flow Analyzer Laboratories at Columbia University, New York, New York) and Frederick L. Ryder, was published 1968 at Wiley Intersince.

After reading the preface of this book, i think at Columbia University GAP Opamps could have been used also and there had been cooperation with University of California, Berkeley which is mentioned in some previous scanned articles...

It could perhaps be of interest sighting the existing sources to get a list of institutions which used GAP products...


Have a nice weekend