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The one I best remember is the SK5-M, a high-accuracy multiplier/divider. It used triangular-wave modulation and diode selector circuits, and if I recall correctly, had two multipliers (XY and ZW) in a closed loop around a high gain such that Z=XY/W, to get rid of first-order errors. I believe W was used as a decade gain adjustment, and there was also a decade output offset adjustment. An interesting wrinkle was a way of combining redundant diode selectors in the feedback arrangement so that only 6 were used instead of 8 (he called it the "sex-iplier".  It was on a chassis behind a (7"?) rack panel.

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The SK5-M is documented in a preliminary spec at this page:


Impressive price at $1350. And it used all the premium SK2 series metal case amplifiers.




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Dan, thanks for the obit. Even after all these years, it still seems so tragic.

So Bob was the sweat behind the P2 getting into production.


***   I  definitely would not  say that.  I'd  say  he was the  BRAINS,  and the Inspiration  that got the P2  in production, and kept it rolling.  


Can you remember other products that he designed.


****   As  DHS  mentioned about the K5-M -  I can't  remember that much that he  designed  that went  into production,  but  he helped a lot on many other  projects.  He was  DRY  and  QUIET and GOOD.    / rap

**** Joe,  Have  you  ever seen  my write-up  on the  P2  vs.  the P7?    In  the JMW book....

I'll mail you a copy. / rap