Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 18:34:45 +0200 

Subject: GAP/R tubes 

Dear Mr. Joe Sousa,

I casually knew about GAP/R, even if I'm a hi-fi fan. I like music and I like to listen it well, too.

So, in a strange way, too long to explain, I got 4 tubes labelled by GAP/R, which seem to have been made about the 44th week of 1957, as

shown by picts.

My doubt is due to the fact that, as long as I can know, GAP/R labelled Telefunken tubes (made in Germany). So, as these tubes were made in USA, what could they be?

I hope to have an answer from you and I apologize for this email if, in any case, could be boring to you.

Thank you and regards from Italy

Vito Bronzo



My response to Vito:


I don't know the answer to this one. This does suggest that Philbrick used American made tubes in addition to the Telefunken tubes. This is not a strange proposition if you consider how important quality was to Philbrick. In other words, they were not blinded by brand allegiance in the way that many tube fans are today; if they found an American supplier that made good tubes, they would use it.



From Vito


In the meanwhile I've found that  questioned tubes were made by Tung-Sol  and are considered as  the best 12AX7 ever  made in USA.

So, you were on the right side when affirmed that GAP/R only aimed to best products in spite of productors.

Now, Philbrick's fan club has a new member: myself!

Have a nice time